Vintage retro Edison bulb:

Material: tungsten filament & glass

This kind of lighting is one of our most mature products. It sells very well. Usually, we prepare some stock in our warehouse. So the delivery time will be very fast, if your order quantity is not very large.

Our bulb type includes A55, A19, A60, T30, T45, C35, C35 with flame , G45, G80, G95,  G125, ST64, ST58, B75, B53 etc.

The filament twist type includes Spiral, Quad Loop, Squirrel Cage, Tubular Hairpin, Chandelier Z, Leaf, Christmas Tree.

Voltage: 110-120v, 220-240v are available.

Power: 25w, 40w, 60w are available.

Base type: E14, E27, B22

CE/ROHS certification passed.

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