led cotton ball string light
    Product details

    Our Rattan Lights have a soft glowing light that provides a superb shadowing effect. Each rattan ball is handmade which ensures exceptional quality and strength. These lights look great in the bedroom or strung out along mantle pieces, around mirrors and around doorways, the possibilities are endless!

    Brief description:

    bulb quantity20L or depends on customers
    wirepure copper 1.5mm-3.0mm
    colorwarm white  or depends on customers
    bulb spacing10cm
    lead cable30cm
    packingeach in pvc box or color box depends

    Installation Method:

    1.A waterproof tail plug must be installed at the end of the last string light. 

    2.A piece of plug cord with a waterproof rectifier can connect 150m LED string lights.



    Durable;Safe and reliable;Easy to install;Labor-saving;High brightness;Low light failure;

    Long service life;Anti-aging;Anti-tensile;IP65 waterproof level;Easy to replace if damaged.

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