led string rice lights
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    Brief description:

    Product Descriptions:

    1.¢1.9mm PVC hardy line(100% pure copper,workable at -40℃)+ Hot melt adhesive + Heat shrinkable casing

    (IP65, Good low temperature resistance)

    2.Three wires connect two string lights,0.5m Europe VDE power plug wire + Waterproof rectifier(IP65).

    3.Lengths and bulb numbers can be changed according to customers` requests.(Rectifier to control flashing 

    is also available if needed.)

    CE/ROHS certification.

    Production Specification:


    Conventional LED String rice Lights

    Cable:¢1.9mmPVC hardy line (100% pure copper,)
    Wire length:10m or customized
    Bulb numbers:100 lights or customized
    Color:Red, yellow, green, blue, white, warm white, pink, purple etc
    Rectifier:Waterproof, IP65
    Input Voltage:110-120v AC / 220-240v AC
    Plug:With 0.5m VDE wire, Europe type
    Creation method:Three wires connect two string lights

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