Salute to Classics: T45 vintage edison bulbs

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When it comes to T45 vintage edison bulbs, many people have such pictures in their minds, right?

In fact, it's true, but in today's interior design world, if you only have such a common incandescent lamp image in mind, it means too OUT.

The following picture is the T45 vintage edison bulbs which has been popular all over the world in recent years.

T45 vintage edison bulbs.png

Look cool, huh? Have you seen their shadows in many cases? From Nordic style to industrial style and American style, are they familiar with lighting design?

Yes, these are the famous T45 vintage edison bulbs!

The T45 vintage edison bulbs we are talking about now generally refer to the tungsten filament lamps with unique and retro shapes. They have retro shapes, soft light and are easy to create a unique artistic conception. Therefore, they are loved by the nostalgic people.

Edison bulb, its tungsten filament winding shape is very attractive, can be divided into: up and down winding filament, spiral, T, leaf, Christmas tree, etc. In addition, Edison's retro bulbs have different length of lamp posts. It is these distinctions that enrich the variety of Edison bulbs, as follows:

Someone will ask: Should such a light bulb be eliminated? Now is the age of LED.

No, because most of the T45 vintage edison bulbs currently on sale are filament LED lamps, but the appearance is similar to that of white knitted lamps. All-angle luminescence, high color rendering and high light efficiency are the characteristics of the new Edison retro bulbs.

Now let's take a look at the application of T45 vintage edison bulbs in specific decoration cases. It's very charming:

What about? Especially with different types of lampshades, is it beautiful?

Some people say: falling in love with T45 vintage edison bulbs is a unique feeling, is a typical salute to the classics. Would you consider installing some of these lights when you decorate?

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