The Spring Festival is the most important festival for all of us

Have Read 264412/31/2015

As we all know,the spring festival is coming soon.It's considered to be one of the most important festivals in China.


We often have a seven-day holiday.During these days,almost all of the Chinese people stay together with there family members to celebrate this festival.In order to bring more happiness to others,we always say"Happy New Year"to each other.  

Another traditional visit is to their relatives,this is like you visit your relatives during Christmas,you may buy many presents for the children,and in China,children are also given"red packets",in these packets,there is some money.We never care how much money is there,but we only care about their real love.  

When it gets dark,you may see a lot of beautiful fireworks shining in the sky.This means to welcome a new year and wish themselves a wonderful life.  

All in all,the spring festival contains countless fun which are waiting for yourselves to find out.


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