About Us

Changzhou Zhenxing Zhongda Light Source Material Co.,Ltd was started with raw material for halogen lamp in 1996. With almost 20 years operation, we developed from a raw material supplier to a light source production & research company.


In the first 10 years, our company was developing quickly from a small raw material workshop to a domestic leading raw material supplier for Molybdenum Foils and Tantalum Foils. By holding more than 40% of the domestic market, we built a tight connection with the lighting equipment industry and learned lots of knowledge which help us to develop our own lighting equipment production branch. 


In 2006, we began to set up our own halogen lamp production shop to expand our product line. By using the knowledge we gathered and high skilled workman, our halogen lamp became popular in the market. More and more large enterprises became our business partners during the time. And we were benefit a lot from them. By working with global large enterprises such as Osram and Philips, we regularized our production quality control and inspection system. By using advanced ERP system and production management system, we can ensure our production stabilization and shorter the lead time.


In 2010, the management team found that the LED industry would develop quickly and would replace the traditional lighting equipment soon in the future. After we had a deep research of the LED market and the technology, a new branch of led production shop had been set up in 2011. We were stick to our high-quality standard and high-level management in the led branch. By communicating with the professional marketer and hiring high skilled engineer, our LED product had been recognized by the customers. Last year, 70% of our LED product has been sold to oversea market and we believe the number will be higher year by year.


Recently, our company is mainly supplying halogen lamps and led lamps. By changing from a manufacturer to a industry and trade integration company, we gained lots of foreign clients and business partners. Our product is sold well around world. To increase our competitiveness, we proceed CE ane RoHS certification for our majority product. Now, our product has been exported to lots of region such as Southeast Asia, North America, EU countries, Austrilia, Africa, and Brazil.


We are reliable supplier and we believe our high quality product will satisfied you. We also hope we can build a long-term cooperation with you and even be your friend in real life.


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